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Executive Panel 


President                               Greg O’Brien                519-236-7486 


Vice President                       Dave Simmons              519-768-0375 


2nd Vice President                 Jacquie Gowing            519-887-9248   


Secretary                               Yvonne O’Brien            519-236-7486 


Treasurer/Score Keeper        Sylvia Neeb                   519-236-4042 


Line Judge/Announcer          Pete Shirley                   519-236-4042 




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SOCS Hosts & Location


Gowing’s Arena

Jacquie Gowing, 519-887-9248

42054 Browntown Rd, Bluevale 

GPS Latitude and Longitude 43.812889 and -81.255835

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Dave Simmons Automotive 

Dave Simmons, 519-768-0375 

25924 Crinan Line, West Lorne 

GPS Latitude and Longitude 42.658112 and -81.649785

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Zurich Agriplex 

Greg O’Brien 519-236-7486 

15 East Street, Zurich 

GPS Latitude and Longitude 43.419875 and -81.617973

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